"Unbelieveable opportunity. How many people get this chance? I was invited to do an hour presentation to all 32 NFL teams' P.R. people during their annual meeting. And he found out about me, not from the other guy I was in contact with, but from my ShipShapes postcard. What a direct mail story. I am on cloud 9."

Kevin Long
MVP Sports Media Training

Bright Brands Use MetalMail

We've developed an attention-grabbing postcard with a shiny twist! MetalMail™ has a metallic coating that glimmers with your message! Plus, MetalMail’s attention-grabbing polish is available at the same low postage rate as a postcard, making it a bright choice for bright brands.

MetalMail features:
  • Unmistakable shine
  • Low postage rates
  • Variable printed text
  • Tear-out coupon, ticket or BRC

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