"Unbelieveable opportunity. How many people get this chance? I was invited to do an hour presentation to all 32 NFL teams' P.R. people during their annual meeting. And he found out about me, not from the other guy I was in contact with, but from my ShipShapes postcard. What a direct mail story. I am on cloud 9."

Kevin Long
MVP Sports Media Training

Paper or Plastic? Choose your direct mail wisely.

GreenVue is the first direct mail product to feature plastic material made with recycled pop bottles. Unlike paper, PETE plastic can be recycled over and over without weakening fibers. Plus, GreenVue’s radiant lemon-lime makes it the perfect platform for any brand’s green initiative.

  • A unique, sustainable media alternative
  • Made with post-consumer recycled plastic material from your favorite lemon-lime soft drink bottles (rPET)
  • No envelope required
  • Green color means a faster-acting, longer-lasting impression

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