"We're always searching for innovative ways to integrate our message so that consumers receive it from all different angles. This direct mail effort helped bolster our bottom line during the holiday season, and the experience has only strengthened our belief in the power of direct mail, when successfully integrated with other marketing mediums. We think that direct mail is the right channel for a new wave of marketing to consumers."

Carlos Lopez
Marketing Director
Supra Telecom

ClearCards™ Will Produce Awesome Results for You

Our ClearCard™ is a rectangular direct mail piece that captures attention, evokes a response, and sticks around while conventional mail gets tossed in a recycle bin or trash can. We created ClearCards and obtained Postal Service approval on November 18, 2005 to mail ClearCards as automated flats, ideal for national and dispersed local campaigns.

ClearCards are unconventional post card mailers that not only get noticed, they influence response, generate word-of-mouth advertising, and encourage recipients to hold onto them. In test campaigns, ClearCards consistently outperform control pieces with 3 to 10 time higher measures.

Give your direct mail campaign the upper hand. The look and feel of ClearCards exudes quality and strengthens brand image. ClearCards can be scored for removable cards that involve the recipient and approximate our ShipShape cards (see examples).

Send your prospects or repeat customers a loyalty card, redemption coupon, sweepstakes entry, or business card without an envelope. Redemption rates soar with ShipShapes. ClearCard mailers are processed as automated flats, ideal for national and local reach. Let us help you plan and design a ClearCard that will produce awesome results for you.
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